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1. The Church - Iconography
Inside the church, the iconostasis that divides the nave of the church from the sanctuary, is covered with traditional icons painted in the sixteenth century style by one of the greatest icon painters of Paris, the Princess Lvov. In the centre, above the Royal  Doors, are depicted the Annunciation and the four Evangelists, all surmounted with a representation of the Last Supper.

To the right of the Royal Doors, the first row of icons comprises the traditional image of Christ flanked by those of the Archangel Gabriel and Saint Job, whose feast on the Russian calendar coincides with that of the birthday of the Tsar Nicholas II.

To the left are depicted the Most Holy Mother of God, the Archangel Michael and Saint Andrew of Bogolioubov whose feast coincided with that of the martyrdom of the imperial family.

In the second row twelve icons represent the feasts of the Orthodox liturgical year, and on the third row flanking the central figure of the Saviour are depicted the Holy Mother of God, the Apostles Peter and Paul, and several great saints of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Many icons were offered by individuals in memory of members of their families whose names are inscribed on the back of each icon.

The fresco of the Holy Mother of God “Orante” painted  on the apse of the church,  is the work of Nicolas Iselenov.

To the right of the iconostasis, a panel of icons (kiot) is assembled around the icon of the Most Holy Mother of God Feodorovskaya, protectress of the House of Romanov, and these are patronymic icons of all the members of the imperial family.

To the left of the iconostasis, a large triptych painted by Archimandrite Cyprien, depicts all the Saints of Russia. This icon was painted long before the canonisation of the imperial family and all the New Martyrs of Russia by the Russian Church Outside Russia in 1981.

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